What I Miss About Living In The Midwest

You never truly realize what you have until it’s gone. In the last year, I’ve made a lot of career decisions and now call Dallas Texas, home. As much as I am enjoying the southern sweetness of a big city, my heart and home will always be in Michigan.


Midwesterners are very family oriented and involved in their communities. It’s like one big neighborhood, where everyone belongs.

Some activities just don’t seem right in 90-degree weather. It wasn’t until I asked one of my co-workers last week, where I could find the nearest Cider Mill, and she replied, “what’s that?” To much dismay I realized how far away from home I really was.

Cider Mills & Pumpkin Patches

I took for granted how fun it was to hand-pick my favorite fruits of the fall, ripe honeycrisp apples, and plump carvable pumpkins. And of course the undefeated fall favorite, Frozen apple cider slushies, and warm cinnamon sugar doughnut… *drools* Taking the dirt roads to walk through corn mazes at dusk, and group hayrides through the undeveloped countryside. I miss the simple things, like sitting by the lake, watching the leaves change.

College Football Season

Living in a city home to the Dallas Cowboys, it’s hard for people to focus on any other team. I was born and raised a Buckeye fan (Both of my parents attended Ohio State) and am a proud Michigan State Spartan Alumna. Go Green!

College football is really B1G (pun intended) deal back home! I miss the smell of crisp beer, falling leaves, and tailgate food. Nothing better than football season!

I’m truly a Midwestern girl, and a Michigander at heart. I may be far away from home but I never forget where I came from.


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