3 Need To Know Hair Care Tips For Winter

If you’re anything like me, a change of season means a change in routine.

Bye bye blondie, I have officially taken on the midnight dark sultry look for the winter. With that being said, I want to share some tips for taking care of your hair during the harsh winter season.

Deep Conditioner

Natural hair needs a little more tender lovin’ care during the cooler months. Moisture is key to healthy hair. Right now I’m obsessed with TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask has the most moisturizing deep conditioner that doesn’t weigh down my curls! I also really like this for intense deep conditioning to prep for my straight hairstyles.

Aloe for smoother edges

For my not so amazing hair days I will put my hair up in a curly bun at the top of my head. My new favorite thing is putting raw aloe vera leaf gel on my edges for a semi-soft hold that keeps my baby hair/edges sleek and shiny! I take I love using aloe on my hair in general but a sleek high bun, using this technique is, everything!

Heat Styling Hair Care

I casually switch back and forth between curly, and straight hair styling, so I need to make sure I’m not damaging my curls when I decide to apply heat to my hair. For an in-depth description of how I protect my hair from heat damage when wearing a straight style, click here.

Preventing Holiday Hat Hair

For my moody fall hat wearers, as naturals, we have to have done a little more to maintain moisture in our hair this fall and winter! My new favorite DIY project has been adding a silk lining to my hats it does wonders for my hair and doesn’t rub against and cause unwanted breakage, and keeps my hair nice and smooth underneath.





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