Celebration Of A Black Carefree Millenial: The Afropunk Collective

I traveled a lot as a child, but it’s always nice to see things through a different lens as an adult.

I’ve been to New York several times, and over the years through my visits, I’ve trekked my way through pieces and parts of different neighborhoods.

This weekend was my first time back in Brooklyn since I was 16.


I decided to take a 2-day weekend trip to Brooklyn for The Afropunk Collective festival. I was so anxious and excited to be around so many lit black beautiful people. Every single person embodied what it meant to be a carefree black girl or black boy joy on the highest level.

The entire park was fragrantly pleasant, smelling like fresh shea butter and coconut. Head to toe one of a kind outfits with hair styled with flowers, shells, beads, and glitter. There was such a peaceful, yet powerful energy. Young millennials coming together to do what we do best as a culture, cultivate through our art, music, food, and networking.



Most people knew him by his feature Too Much on Drake’s NWTS album by my god is that man a talented pianist. I was very impressed by his vocals and on stage energy.


SZA is the unsung hero that from recent years hasn’t gotten the love that she deserves. (For everyone wondering, SZA is pronounced “siz-za” like saying “scissor with an a and not pronouncing the r”) Her newest album Ctrl literally made her blow up overnight, and I’m not mad about it. I think SZA’s songs paint a picture of the wondrous land of poppies, butterflies, and broken-hearted love songs.


As an older sister myself, I know the importance of a young black woman struggling to blossom outside of an older siblings shadow.

Let me start by saying this, Miss Tina is so blessed to have not only the one the BEST performing artists of all time but a blossoming great in the making.

Solange speaks to the soul of the new age millennial. A seat at the table was made by us, for us. It was one of the most seamless, flowing albums that I could listen to start to finish. A beautifully crafted masterpiece, that I was blessed enough to experience live.

Solange, embodies what it means to be woke, self-aware, yet so carefree. She has an electrifying spirit whose melodies sing to us all.

I don’t know what it is about the new age soulful singers and “S” names but I’m here for it.

I was truly in awe of all of the beauty, and creativity that black people possess.

I live for the moments that remind me of my beauty.

Brooklyn is huge, and Sunday brunch is seriously a cultural movement. I had my first taste of LIT brunch in at Woodland and it was everything. Unlimited mimosas, unreal playlist, and chicken & waffles. Need I say more?


I will forever live for the moments that confirm how proud and be black.







Photos by Mikalia Jay, she travels so for booking click here & follow her on Instagram

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