America, Love, Light & The Solar Eclipse

In a spiritual sense, the total solar eclipse symbolizes a change in the ways of the universe.

A change we so desperately need.

Today, many of us had the opportunity to witness the total solar eclipse.

Despite what the social media buzz has created, a total solar eclipse means so much more than a hashtag or themed brand content.

On a deeper level, a total solar eclipse means change across time and space to create clarity, bring people closer together, and promote positive changes.

Take the opportunity to remember to prioritize your mental health and wellness. Take note that the first step in self-love is self-care. Be mindful of everything that you do, and the space around you.

I do realize that this phenomenon is not going to magically heal the deeply rooted wounds of our country as the sun and moon align we realize a deeper symbolism that everyone can interpret and apply to their everyday life.

With everything going on in the world, it’s important for us to remember our universal language, love.

Love can guide us through understanding and healing. Love is patient, sweet and necessary for change. Harvesting hate causes relapses on bad habits and unshakable negativity. We have to aspire to emanate warm light in a genuine way to create new habits and find love in its purest forms.

If we apply this ideology to everything going on in the world today, we will understand that even after temporary darkness, there is always light.

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