On The Hairway to Heaven A Pre-Heat Styling Hair Ritual

Let’s set the record straight.

Every Naturalista has their own ideas and expectations about what it means to be natural. For some women being natural that means that they loc their hair, some women means no more relaxers, others believe that means no heat.

Nonetheless, what you do with your hair, is all up to you.

In my opinion, being natural means that I don’t use any chemicals to alter my curl pattern. As I’ve matured through my natural hair journey I’ve used my hair straightener less, and less. I probably only flat iron my hair 4-6 times a year.

There are ways to flat iron your natural hair without damaging it.

The process starts with a 3-day preparation process, I’d like to call Heavenly Pre-Heat Hair Ritual. I am a firm believer in how you prep your hair has a direct effect on how well your styles turn out.

Interested in getting the best at home blowout of your life creating minimal damage?

Here’s what you’ll need & what to expect:

For three days you’ll want to go natural with a hairstyle that is minimum manipulation. Try Dutch braids or my personal favorite lazy bun.

Hair Oil – an oil that is light but moisturizing (for example coconut, EVOO, jojoba, or sweet almond)

Deep Conditioner – pick your favorite deep conditioner that is going to add a lot of moisture to your hair. My hair is currently loving the Sweet HoneyRose Treatment by III Sisters of Nature.

(check my updated reviews on deep conditioners here.)

Hair Steamer– as you already know I am a huge hair steamer advocate, it’s worth the investment!

Clarifying Shampoo – I am in love with Talia Waahjid’s Stimulating Herbal Cleanser. This shampoo cleanses and detoxes my hair without giving it that straw-like feeling afterward.

Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner – This is the final step in the shower that is SO important! I am currently in love with Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Conditioner. This is the best detangling conditioner out there. I slather my hair in this stuff, and finger comb gently separating my knotted strands. This step is crucial in preventing hair shedding when combing your hair out post-shower.

Day 1: Lightly Coat your hair in the hair oil of your choice, and style hair as you normally would

Day 2: Grab a book or 30 minutes of meditation as you Deep Condition under your hair steamer

Day 3: Heavily coat your hair with hair oil and let it sit for a minimum of 4 hours to make sure your hair is penetrated with moisture before using a clarifying shampoo. This is the perfect time to hit the gym, or run errands!

So once you’ve prepped and shampoo’d and conditioned your strands, your hair should be prepared to take on the heat without much damage.



How do you prep your natural hair for heat styling? Share your tips and tricks with me!



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