My Life as an Outgoing Introvert

“What type of pizza topping are you?”

“Which Disney Princess would be your best friend in real life?”

“Harry Potter Hat Sorting Quiz: Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong To?”

What does your favorite color reveal about your relationship?”

I know all my 90’s babies remember the online personality quiz phase. Thanks to the Internet I have finally found my accurate answer to “What Personality Type Are You?”

I am a full-fledged, unapologetic, outgoing introvert.

Disclaimer: This is a blog post. No scientific research here, just knowing myself and how I function.

I find everything about Personality psychology absolutely fascinating. We are an incredibly complex and adaptive species.

I was an undergraduate Communication major, so I understand the strong tie in psychology and being able to understand personality traits and behavior is key to being a great communicator.

Some people are more difficult to understand than others, so I spend a lot of time reading about personality traits, developmental psychology to explain why people think and function the way that they do.

More importantly, understanding parts of myself that I can, and cannot change in the name of self-love.

My life as an outgoing introvert

My vibe and energy can light up an entire room with my natural charm and charisma, but despite how it seems I am most comfortable in small groups of people that I trust.

On Friendship

I believe in a wondrous blend of astrology and psychology to try to predict people’s behaviors and try to understand them so that I can understand how to love them correctly.

I am the ultimate contradiction, and often very misunderstood.

Misunderstood because of the perception other people have of me.

I just prefer small intimate groups and settings that allow me to really get to know the people around me. Introverts are very selective in nature, but I am outgoing to I will befriend anyone. I’ve run into problems when people I befriend think that our friendship is deeper than it is, and I fail to meet expectations.

I can make friends with anyone so naturally we have many cordial associates, but I can count on one hand how many people I consider an actual friend.

In The Workplace

I’ve ever been the “slow to warm up type.” I am always myself from the moment I introduce myself. The organically outgoing nature of my personality makes people think that I love being around people so work parties and functions can give me a great deal of unexplained anxiety, however, once I’m there I’m fine.

Outgoing Introverts are great self-starters, but also work well in groups. We are really good at communication and delegating tasks because we are people, people.

On Relationships

Outgoing Introverts are not very good with boundaries. We like to get close and stay close because of our selective nature. If we choose to be with you, it’s because we see potential longevity. We are very selective about who we let in intimately, because we’re good at creating closeness. OI’s like people who can show them a different side when they’re alone.

From personal experience, I prefer to be with someone who is the center of attention. The person that everyone wants to be friends with, and everyone seems to know. My outgoing side is attracted to that because it helps draw me out of introversion. It can be somewhat exhausting being with an outgoing extrovert but it is true what they say, opposites attract.

On Self Love & What I’ve Learned About Myself

I. Love. Me. Time.

It took me a long time to fully come to terms with who I really am on the inside. I really felt like I was keeping up with a lie or trying to be someone I never was.

It’s OK to decline plans to go out to the bar or a social gathering. It doesn’t mean you’re boring or there’s something wrong with me, it’s just that’s draining and it’s important to put yourself first.

I truly am happiest being alone absorbing silence in isolation, but in the same breath i am in my element when I’m social and around people. I learned to accept the person that I am and I love being who I am.




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