What’s All The I ❤ Yoga Hype About?

Yoga changed my life mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Just believe the hype alright?

I grew up in dance class and I always enjoyed the stretching part the best.

I love romantic nature of moving and contorting my body to create acrobatic art.

I love being able to express by the body through movement.

I love being able to feel free and connected with my body. Every class gets better, and I feel myself getting better and deeper in tune with myself.

Therefore, in my adult life I’ve learned to love my yoga practice.

I challenge you to try a week of unlimited free classes at Core Power Yoga.

If it’s your first time I recommend taking a core restore class. It’s very slow and focuses on stretching, healing, very zen.

If you’re familiar with the yogi lifestyle I suggest trying an HPF which stands for Hot Power Fusion Hot Yoga. It’s steamy and intensely amazing. You’ll work up a sweat and have a ton of fun doing it.

Yoga Etiquette

Be on Time: being mindful of time is so important to yoga practice. Respect your fellow yogis and instructors by getting to class a few minutes before class starts. This extra time will help you clear your mind and prepare for all of the wonderful connective elements yoga has to offer.

Mat Spacing: try to space yourself evenly from other people in the studio. As much as yoga is a group setting activity it is very much so individual. Utilize the most of your personal space, and leave a little room in between you and the next yogi.

No Phone Zone: people today have a hard time straying away from their phones and technology. Don’t bring your phone into the safe space. Take that 60-90 minutes to detox and disconnect.

What To Wear: Yoga pants duh! Any stretchy nylon pant will work, but make sure it wicks sweat. Depending on preference wear a loose or tight shirt, whatever you feel comfortable in. No socks are not required in the studio.

What to Bring: a mat, unless you’d like to rent one at your studio, a towel, h2o and a positive vibe!

If you’re anything like me, trying a new group activity especially something like yoga that requires balance and slight body contortion can cause a great deal of anxiety.

The yoga studio a no judgement zone.  Don’t be hesitant, I challenge you to try it.


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