I Wrote A Break-Up Text To Myself

It’s really incredible how much technology and social media has impacted our dating and relationship culture.

In the midst of thinking about all my past relationships, no person in particular, but just thinking about why it didn’t work out I was wondering how many of them ended via over the phone rather than in person…

I am the reigning queen of sending Harry Potter novelesque texts messages so I decided to send a break-up text to myself.

You’re not the same girl I knew a year ago. Ever since you moved to Texas you started acting brand new.

You’re all about your brand image and your blog, meeting people and making new connections it’s like that’s all you care about. I mean you always talked about your dreams… Now that’s all you ever have time for. Pursuing YOUR dreams, you’re selfish and only thinking about yourself. You know I’m proud of you though, doing everything you said you would, making your dreams a reality, I just thought I’d be a part of it.

Part of me feels like you’re acting different because you lost weight and you think you’re cute you’re your curls are popping and you finally got your skin together. I’m proud of you but you’re getting all of this attention from new people making it seem like you’re not worried about me anymore. Maybe I’m just insecure but it’s the truth.

I really do wish you the best of luck even though I know you don’t need it.

I’ll Always Love you Cierra,


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