Is What You’re Doing Today Getting You Closer to Where You Want to Be Tomorrow?

I remember the first day of my last semester of high school, sitting in Psychology class with Mr. Zapalski.

I’ll be honest, the class had already started and I wasn’t paying attention. Everyone was too busy debating Cancun vs Panama for spring break, and what group would have more fun.

He muttered a phrase, and everyone in class ignored him. Then he said it again, a little louder.

Then he said the same again, a little louder.

Still, no one heard him. Everyone continued on with their side conversations.

Then he shouted, “Is what you’re doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?”

The entire class went mute.

He repeated himself again in a much calmer tone, “Is what you’re doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?”

The class remained silent.

Zapalski continued on, “That’s one of my favorite quotes that I tell my students. I even have it painted on the wall as a reminder”

‘The decisions you make and the path you chose decide your fate. You create your own destiny, so with that being said,

“Is what you’re doing today, getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?”

Nearly seven years later, those words are still stuck to me like glue.

That question sparked a sense of urgency within me, yet for others, it didn’t resonate.

Living life with a purpose every single day is so important.

Maybe wake up one day and decide your purpose for the day is self-care, and get a massage because tomorrow that’s preparing you to go harder in the gym than you did the day before.

Staying up late and studying for an exam, may get you a scholarship down the road.

Going to the gym and shooting 100 extra shots today, might win you the championship next season.

Maybe you’ll choose a healthier food option to eat for lunch because what you put in your body matters, and it could affect your health in the long run.

Putting diligent effort in at your job may land you a promotion 3 months from now.

There is no better time than to take advantage of the opportunity in the present. Make a plan, and get creative, believe in yourself.

Now ask the question, Is what I’m doing today getting me closer to where I want to be tomorrow? 



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