What is Color Chemistry? Why is it Important?

As you all may know by now I am an Aveda product advocate but most importantly, I love the brand and the principles that they stand by. One of the most important Aveda beliefs is that education never ends.

Aveda is known for hair innovation and vibrant colors. Just check out the hashtag on any social media #AvedaColor. My colorist and also my close friend Krista was trained at the Aveda Insititute in Dallas, Texas.

As a person who never really experimented with color, I was very apprehensive because of all the horror stories associated with bad coloring jobs. However Aveda colorists are experts at their craft and I am so thankful to have met Krista, and she did an incredible job with my color. The Aveda color application technique is so important, and the color deposits are amazing!

I am obsessed with warm, honey caramel tones on my skin tone. I was finally ready to try something different, like going blonde for the summer, because blondes have more fun right?

If you’re anything like me and interested in accentuating your hair in bold new colors, having a vision for color is so important. Building a hair lookbook or Pinterest board for inspiration is essential to creating a hair look to make sure you’re telling your colorist exactly what you desire.


Color chemistry is where the magic happens, it’s when the stylist’s artistic vision and skills meet and exceed expectations for your very own #HairGoals.


Lost in Translation?

My colorist loves my natural hair look and when I wear it straight. If you’re like me, and you can switch between both styles you need your color to translate. Translating means the color looks good on both straight and curly styles. I think it’s imperative to consult with your colorist to let them know that you’re someone who can do both and have photos ready for what you’d like your color to look like in both styles.





What are some of your favorite fun in the sun summer hair colors?

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