Living The Island Life

Living on the island of Puerto Rico was like a dream.

On a summer study away program, a group of 20 somethings explored one of the most beautiful naturally occurring landscapes in the world. This trip was for college credit, but I had a truly authentic experience. I learned how to walk, talk, cook, and dance like the locals on the island.

Let me take you on a sensory journey through what it’s like on the Island of Puerto Rico.

Imagine a place, that’s covered in white sands, lush green foliage.

Take a deep breath and inhale the smell of exotic wildflowers freshly watered by a gentle rainfall. 

Bright yellow, pinks, red, green colored skins of ripe fruit dangle from the trees. If you listen close you can hear the symphonic melody of the bird chirps and click and buzzing of island insects harmonizing through the wind.

The sun blushes shades of magenta and honey orange before it kisses the top of the sky ocean blue goodbye, but promises to return at dawn.

Unlike most places upon dusk, the land becomes calm, at nightfall the leaves of the trees sway gently in excitement as it welcomes in the moonlight, and the island comes alive.

A whirlwind of live music play, robust drinks, shot glasses filled to the rim with rum a perfect cocktail for opening up your soul and dancing all night long.

An island ready to burst at the seams overflowing with culture welcomes every visitor with a warm smile, a generous heart, and open abrazos.



Update on my homestay experience in Puerto Rico and travel tips will be posted very soon!

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