A Little Nutty… And A Lot of Tasty.

You know you’re turning into your mother when you start to get ravenous cravings for dark chocolate.

Growing up dark chocolate was always, “why is this even a thing?” (along with black coffee and oatmeal raisin cookies) However, at the ripe age of 24 my palette has since evolved and I now understand the hype.

During my last chocolate craze craving episode, I found myself wondering aimlessly into the Sablon Chocolate Lounge in Uptown Dallas.

Heaven. On. Earth.

They specialize in warm buttery sugar waffles, ice cream covered, honey and maple syrup all smothered in you guessed it, chocolate.

Dark, milk, and white chocolate fondue options to dip various goodies in. They have a crepes menu, which can be paired with their signature cuddle cup hot chocolate.  They also sell shakes, tea, coffee, and more.

I could not resist the chocolate covered strawberries, they are my weakness. I ordered two different kinds, one milk, and one dark chocolate. Oh! My goodness. Juicy, succulent, gourmet chocolate smothered. Bliss!

The second thing I ordered was the chocolate dipped Hazelnut Frappe.

IMG_460716 ounces of blended coffee, hazelnut, chocolate, topped with a warm chocolate covered cake doughnut dusted with chocolate chips and powdered sugar.

I almost got a brain freeze from drinking it so fast. With every sip, you can smell the warm cake donut with freshly drizzled chocolate.

This Doffee (a word I made up coffee + doughnut) creation is worth every penny.








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