Oceanside with The Whlgns®

On my first week of Southwest Airlines Internship, I decided to take a weekend trip out to San Diego, California to visit one of my good friends from college, Allante.

Allante is a successful Art Manager of the Whlgn® collective, he and his team started back in 2009.


The Whlgn is a creative team composed of Thinkers. Artists. Progressers. Entrepreneurs with roots in Detroit, MI – Brooklyn, NY – Philadelphia, PA.

Linked with a common purpose, artfully crafted skill sets and talents that vary depending on the task at hand. Such as but not limited to Management, Carpentry, Design, Photography, Videography, Cosmetic Arts, Print Media etc.

Each faction with the power to expand their own education and find their own inspiration to shape the environment and community around them. Sharing their adventures, Progress & Impact.  – Work with people that love what they do.

We Do What We Want Because We Love What We Do.

the Whlgn®

When I first arrived, I was surprised to see the inspiriting newly renovated office space. Allante called it, The Headquarters, a place where they can get organized, spark creativity, and bring brand ideas to life. I got a chance to meet Toney Whlgn the Art Director of the collective and got to see first hand how truly amazing his artwork is.

After giving me a tour of the place, Allante and I spent the rest of the day walking the shore on La Jolla beach. We talked for hours reminiscing on the fun times we had during our college days, how to build a successful brand, creating and implementing mastermind blueprints for business, and just living life happily.

It wasn’t until I looked up and caught this view, did I realize how thankful I am to be surrounded by so much talent, and love everywhere I go.


Seeing the excitement in another person’s eyes about how far they’ve come and life is all about taking chances was truly heartwarming.

Allante left Michigan to pursue his dreams in California with no regrets.

He admitted it hasn’t always been easy but he’s grown so much as a person and his perspective on life changed for the better.

A story Cinderella in the making. An inspiration. A reminder to follow your dreams, and take chances.


Keeping in touch after college can be difficult. Most of my friends are sprawled out coast to coast, even overseas.

Everyone is trying their hand at adulting balancing bills and expenses, a career, and relationships.

The most important lesson I’ve learned is to always give support at any distance, which will help to maintain friendships.

Always growing separately, but never apart.




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