13 Reasons Why I Started a Blog

I am a true creative at heart and a story-teller.

There may be more than 13 specific reasons why I started my blog but keep reading if you’re interested…

Anonymity is easy, however, I think it takes a lot of courage to put your heart on the Internet. I am a communicator, and I find it easy to express myself through words. I enjoy sharing useful knowledge, to positively impact others lives.

I believe everything happens for a reason. My passion for helping others, a need for a personal brand, and peer pressure from my awesome friends, subsequently got me here.

Why am I building a brand?

On the business side of things, I know that blogging will help me build a personal brand to feed my buzzing entrepreneurial spirit. Ultimately, I will be the CEO of my own company. But in the meantime, I know the best way to start branding, is to start with yourself first.

What am I blogging about?

My inner millennial wants to believe that I am totally unique and unlike anyone else which is partially true, but we have to meet on some common ground right? My blog is going to focus on lifestyle, natural hair & self-love, my unfulfilled wanderlust addiction, and FOOD!

I want to inspire and find love in every single moment.

So, let’s secure meaningful connections, and cheers to great first impressions.

I’m so glad you’re here.



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