Why I Chose To Apply For A Southwest Airlines Internship

It’s not uncommon, and I’m not afraid to admit that it wasn’t until my last semester of my senior year in college, I figured out my future career plan.

I spent most of my college career taking human biology, organic chemistry classes that were setting me up to a future I didn’t believe in. As a junior at nearly 86 credits, I made a bold move and changed my major to Communication, and enrolled in public relations and social marketing specialization courses.

My career plan and goals were to complete two relevant and challenging internships while in college that will set me up for success in my career. I had spent weeks of all-nighters determined to find the perfect internship for me; one that included social media brand marketing, PR, and digital analytics.

After three rounds of phone interviews, I was hired as an unpaid intern in exchange for college credit as Digital Marketing & Analytics Intern for The Broadmoor hotel, a prestigious 5-star 5-diamond resort, and hotel.

I had exactly 10 days to book my flight, pack my things, and move to Colorado for 3 months as a full-time Intern.

I remember so vividly, it was a cold morning in February I hugged my mom and dad goodbye, hoisted my overstuffed backpack over my shoulder and walked through the North terminal in the DTW airport headed to my next destination: Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I had never been to Colorado, and I was starting my new internship, my stress levels were high, and I was anxious and excited to see what the future had in store for me.

I took a deep breath and took in everything around me.

I noticed the advertising and marketing campaigns displayed throughout the airport and I was thoroughly impressed by Southwest Airlines, every time. No matter what part of the country, or the time of flight or stress I felt from traveling, every Southwest Airline marketing ad campaign caught my attention and put a smile on my face.

There was one ad in particular that stuck out to me the most when I had a 4-hour layover in the Chicago Midway airport.

A marketing ad that was a series of Instagram pictures, that told a story about a girl who flew on Southwest plane that started a journey to new beginnings. It was simple, captivating, and that ad campaign changed my life.

It was then, I realized that the Southwest communications and marketing department was where I wanted to start my career because I thought it was flawlessly executed. I fell in love with Southwest Airlines branding, and I wanted nothing more than to represent a company and that has a positive brand image that is engaging, and great company culture.

After my internship ended at The Broadmoor, I applied at Southwest Airlines for the Communications/Public Relations Measurement & Analytics full-time internship.

I was finally hired after two months of anticipation, and I couldn’t have been more excited to have the opportunity to work for an awesome company.

Read more about my crazy flights and adventures here.



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