Are you Ready for the Secret to the Best. Blowout. Ever?

If you have textured curly hair what I’m about to tell you will change your hair routine, for the better,  forever.

An essential part of being natural is hairstyle planning. If and when you plan to straighten out your hair I highly recommend these products to protect your hair from heat damage to give you shiny, soft, bone-straight hair that you won’t need to retouch.

Check out my post Heavenly Pre-Heat Hair Ritual which is how-to prep your hair before heat styling.

Did I mention I use only 3 products to achieve this look?

Let me preface this by saying this is in no way a sponsored post. I love Aveda products! It’s liquid hair magic that not only prevents heat damage but makes my hair look and smell amazing!

Flat-Iron/Straightening Products You’ll Need:

Tip: Don’t know how much product to use? Take your fingers and wrap them around the width of your ponytail, however big the circle is that’s how much product you’ll need to use!

On freshly washed damp hair…

I apply Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Crème first from root to ends. This preps the hair and smoothes it out for a super smooth frizz-free style. I love this product because I can use it on both straight and curly hairstyles. (I use this as a leave-in conditioner when my hair is curly!)

Then I apply Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight the same way I applied the Nourishing Styling Crème, from root to tip but paying special attention to my roots and edges which are where I need it the most.

After I have applied the product to my hair I will detangle using a paddle brush by sections. After I use a flat bristle brush to lay down my edges and completely smooth them down and put my hair up and let my hair air dry to about 75%.

I flat iron my hair using my LumaBella Cool Mist Straighter in sections and I try not to do more than 1-2 passes on one section of hair.

(A full review on the LumaBella innovative hair tech tool coming very soon!)

After flat ironing, my favorite product to use for shine and flyaways is Light Elements Smoothing Fluid Aveda. Aveda’s products are super concentrated so I only use about 1 pump on the ends, and mid-shaft of my hair!

Voila! This look will last me about 5 days depending on how often I work out. Once I can tell it may be time to reapply heat, I will wand curl my hair to extend my style another 3-5 days.

My scalp tends to get oily pretty quickly so my ultimate style extender is the Shampure Dry Shampoo by Aveda. It is a non-aerosol spray that works on ALL hair types and colors. It is truly life changing.

Interested in how I give #MoreLife to both my curly and straight hairstyles? Read more here.







What is your #1 must-have product when straightening your hair? Share below!

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